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Abortion Early Pregnancy


Medical termination of pregnancy (Abortion Pill)

Early pregnancy termination i.e. upto 7 weeks of pregnancy (calculated from the last period) This can be easily done with the use of the abortion pill (RU 486). This method uses a combination of 2 drugs to cause a spontaneous miscarriage. This is a reasonably safe, effective and non surgical method and does not require drug anesthesia or hospitalization. However, it must be done under medical supervision.

Early pregnancy till 7 weeks

7 weeks since conception
During this term a baby’s heart is already beating for a whole mont

Suction evacuation

Suction Curettage is a technique of electively terminating a pregnancy. It involves the removal of the fetus and accompanying tissue of the pregnancy from the uterus with instrumental evacuation through the vagina. Over 90% of induced abortions in the USA are performed by this method. This information and instruction is based on the assumption that you have had, or will have, counseling and competent guidance in making your decision to seek this procedure for termination of the pregnancy.

7 weeks – 12 weeks of pregnancy (upto 3rd Month of pregnancy)

Pregnancy of this duration is usually terminated by using a suction evacuation technique. This can be done under local or general anaesthesia. The mouth of the womb (cervix) is dilated and a tube put inside the womb to suck out the pregnancy. The womb is cleaned out using a curette. This procedure takes about 10 minutes