Dr. Vibha Chaturvedi Sharma

Pre and Post Laparoscopic Advice


Your doctor may have advised you a Laparoscopic Surgery for your problems, in preparation for your surgery please follow the below mentioned advice:


Please eat your meals by 9PM and do not eat anything after that. Please remain calm and sleep early knowing that you are in safe hands.


Take your Anti Hypertensives (B.P Medication) and/or your Thyroid Medication at 7am with a sip of water. Do not eat or drink anything after that. [Unless your Surgery is in the afternoon and the doctor has permitted you to eat or drink ]

PLEASE TAKE A SCRUB BATH, AND HAIRWASH in the morning of your Surgery Please get admitted to the Hospital in the Time Slot given to you to avoid any ADMINISTRATIVE PROBLEMS. Upon your admission you will be guided to your patient room where you will be changed into the hospital clothes and will then be shifted to the Recovery Room before your surgery.


Please take your medications on time as per your advice on discharge.
You can climb steps, Use Indian Toilet etc after Laparoscopic Surgery.
Please be mobile and start your Daily Work immediately. Please Join Work Soon.
You can take off your water proof dressing at home and take a bath and please Scrub the wound areas thoroughly with soap and water. Since you do not have any External Stitches that need to be removed, Please do not worry about your PORT SITES.

Eat a healthy and well Balanced Diet and Exercise Regularly. You can join the Gym/ Do Aerobics 1 week after your Surgery.


DO NOT HAVE INTERCOURSE / GO SWIMMING for 6 weeks after your surgery.
Collect your Reports and follow up with your Doctor 1 week after Surgery with Prior Appointment.